Nutritional content

Write about what you know (they say)

Read everything you can (really)
Nutritional content on the cornflake packet
Wondering if I will ever get it.

Not the white picket fence (metaphor)
for foolish assumptions of a youthful
mind in overdrive to nowhere, joyriding.

Who designed the streams?
Meandering through our primary landscape
Collecting up the bright, light, high functioning
to glide, ride without the need to hide
Letting the slower, dreamy, underdeveloped sink
softly downwards towards the special silt.
Foundation papers, vocational values
‘anything above a U counts’
But what about YOU.

Sometimes one gets the chance to climb
A mountaineering feat up sheer faces of
or those that choose to let go
bumped along the bottom
in the flow, until maybe
one door left ajar, is flung open
and we stand in awe!
Still dripping insecurity, disbelief
that this is really happening
‘Pinch me please, I must be dreaming’

Zero degrees outside the bachelor’s club
The only doctors are wearing stethoscopes
Or busy flying time curves in the tardis.

But to be the first woman (small world)
In over a century of testosterone
Brings a smile all of its own

Write about what you know (I did)