That you placed me at all
is the most extraordinary of things.

For I reside in the neutral
midway between extremes.

I will never feel the splash of eureka
or taste the liquor of pure genius

yet I choose not to wallow
in the doldrums of ignorance’s favour,

still I skirt the rim of desolation
when I feel the hand of normal on my skin

or a very ordinary face staring
back from a perfect reflection.

I see you glide like a butterfly
of heavenly lit hues,

climbing ever higher towards
a divine sense of satisfaction.

I cheer, shout and scream
my support for what I can see,
that which you cannot

and slowly from the chrysalis
a realisation emerges-

you saw my colours
before I learnt to see.



Sometimes love is like a tidal wave, it roars on its approach, it submerges you, knocking you off your feet, tumbles you around till you do not know which way is up.

Sometimes it’s not.

Love can be a whisper of a dragonfly’s breath, as it passes high above your conscious thought, igniting a warmth that creeps slowly, silently with utter intent, it tenderly consumes the very atoms of your being till you feel your heart might burst open, if you cannot reach out and touch the one for whom it was born.