I recall the flickering screen
my mother moving the aerial
attempting to halt
a trapped snowstorm.
Black and white
our first television set
or at least the first
I could remember.

This snow was forecast
colourful warnings
of amber and red,
though it arrived at night
as a good thief should,
stealing the colours
before daylight arrived
in a monochrome snowscape.

Just as night-time poured
itself into the day’s cup
the careful balance shifted.
Yin and Yang swam inside
their never-ending circle
and chaos floats on top
laughing at us sliding,
shivering and disoriented.

As we walk between the trees
I dream of capturing this magic
in charcoal and chalk,
each branch delicately covered
dusted with frosted icing sugar,
dark trunks and boughs
cut out white paper shapes
with a smudge of a blood-red fox.

© Copyright 2013 Abigail Baker


17 responses to “Snowscapes

  1. Love it! Love the contrast & the interplay between black/white, light/dark, Yin/Yang … with reassuring ‘smudges’ of colour bleeding through at intervals. And oh how it mirrors ‘life’ as the unexpected/different tips us into chaos. If only we could ‘capture’ it … but nature, of course, cannot be harnessed. And the beauty of it all shines through in this wonderful poem … & your absolute awe as you wander through it. One for the chapbook, perhaps? 🙂

  2. I love the notion of snow stealing colors. A beautiful poem in which you give snow a myriad of memorable hues. Love it!

  3. What a vibrant word-sketch!!! the words; carefully chosen, convey the scene so accurately that one can almost feel the snow-storm. The magic of lines: “I dream of capturing this magic/ in charcoal and chalk,/ each branch delicately covered/ dusted with frosted icing sugar,/ dark trunks and boughs” and the whole monochrome word-sketch is delightfully accentuated with “with a smudge of a blood-red fox.” Simply marvelous!!!

  4. I like very much the idea of capturing the magic in charcoal and chalk. You have captured it in words, so why not another medium as well. My favorite stanza was the first…I remember those televisions. LOL.

  5. really nicely done…you had me up front with the snow on the screen…grew up under and antenna…and ina storm we did not even get the 3 channels we usually did…an your move from there to the snow…love that smudge of blood there in the end as well….

  6. oh… do like how you attempted to cling to those moments… your writing so real… and loved these lines “Just as night-time poured itself into the day’s cup”

  7. Beautiful – I am completely haunted by the final stanza and the image of a fox – superb writing – delicate and lyrical

    “cut out white paper shapes
    with a smudge of a blood-red fox.”

    I am envious of this image 🙂

  8. love the black and white of this, punctured by that color at the end… and oh, the memories you brought up for me!

  9. I loved the parallel – the black and white images the reference to another black and white world. This takes on the iridescence of all the colors in the rainbow.

  10. the magic of charcoal and chalk..great image… and arriving at night like good thieves should, stealing colors…so good…enjoyed much

  11. Abi, this is magnificent, truly magnificent poetry. You may well “dream of capturing this magic in charcoal and chalk,..” but you have actually woven a charming story into a piece of descriptive writing, with the best possible words that you could ever hope to muster. I am truly impressed by this poem. Truly.

  12. I love this journey of snow memories… just today I was attempting to “catch” snow as it blew across the roof like faerie dust…each time I reached for the camera it was too late… the magic had passed.

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