We do not fall or tumble
slip or stumble

instead we jump and dive
plunge and bomb

or hesitate
dipping the tip of a toe

and wait
watching the ripples flow.

Be the wave
allow yourself to be carried

follow the form
relax into the queue

fall and rise
once more in timely fashion

believe those before,
feel the impending mass

invisible in its darkness
embrace the moment of impact.

Š Copyright 2013 Abigail Baker


16 responses to “Icebergs

  1. Wow! Yes! And do you know, this lovely poem immediately reminded me of a Mary Oliver poem whose title I couldn’t recall at first but, after searching, I found it: ‘Have You Ever Tried to Enter the Long Black Branches?’ And your poem had a very similar impact upon me as did Mary’s … a realisation that watching the waves is all well & good but it will never enable you to ‘know’ those waves … &, of course, the same applies to life. ‘Embrace the moment of impact’ indeed. Such an interesting layout too that leads the reader into that final wave, supported by all those who have gone before. Really like it, Abi 🙂

  2. whew….first good to see you…smiles…great closure on this…embracing the moment of impact…i def like the structure you did with this….the thing with icebergs is we never really know they are there often until we do hit them…and then what is there to do….

  3. Love the wavy effect with your format… so beautiful… I especially like:

    Be the wave
    allow yourself to be carried

    …and the ending.

  4. I think it is important that each of us BE that wave. We can achieve maximum impact that way….instead of letting the wave wash over us!!

  5. Whew! Wish you threw me a lifesaver with that one. Format is great! And that last line is a wow clincher :)) Nice write, Abs!

  6. So much between these wonderful lines… And yes, we can only embrace the impact of this crazy life… And go with the flow.

  7. great job on the form here…and allowing ourselves to be carried by the waves..embracing the moment of impact…think that’s the key message here for me..

  8. I’m wondering if I had way too much fun with this 😀 It’s AWESOME! Love the presentation, makes the reading even better…fantastic!

  9. Vivid! The presentation enhanced the verse wonderfully. I felt the crash of waves even as the title Icebergs loomed over me. Well written and presented.

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