Quiet is a quite different beast to silence,
silence is all-encompassing and complete.
Quiet roams the high plains of indistinction
its shadow cut out of every tone of grey.

Alone within a herd of quiet moments
each thought jostles loudly against its neighbour.
A strange backdrop of unaccompanied time
stretching languidly out into secluded hours.

Loneliness meets self-contained isolation
they reason that while the sun still shines
you can relax in the warmth of this happening.
The world and its song will always return.


© Copyright 2012 Abigail Baker


6 responses to “Quiet

  1. Wow. I remember this poem, Abi. I loved it then and love it again. It is one of your best. It is a very introspective piece. xx

    • Quirina, Thanks you so much. I didn’t realise it had struck such a chord before. Yes I suppose it is introspective, it was a very in the moment poem 🙂 x

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