In the darkness (of penguins and poets)

In the darkness
we reside in the grooves
we do not hide
together we move
following this tide
elusive silver slivers
dance before our eyes
dallying the current
that rips, tearing the skies.

In the darkness
we spiral together
we do not shy away
together we must stay
a living maelstrom bonds
waiting for spring’s dawn
watching for a returning sun
carrying her safely home
to celebrate this life we own.


9 responses to “In the darkness (of penguins and poets)

  1. I felt a strange sense of peace creep over me as I read your words … I don’t yet know why but it felt so safe as I stepped into “the darkness” of your poem, as if I’d entered a time lapse, or hibernation maybe … a pregnant place of regeneration. Your poetry (in my humble) continues to go from strength to strength Abi … & this one flows easy as water tumbling down a hillside, leaving me feeling as though I’m moving in unison with time, space & the whole universe. Wonderful, inspirational write ~ thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. A thoughtful and beautiful write, Abi, on the seasons, and its metaphor of changed times in our lives and that in winter, in dark times, staying together is what is so important, and when our solar baby is out, we may celebrate the life it brings. 🙂

  3. Like Joe’s “Dark” this has mysterious over (and under) -tones and leaves it open to interpretation, and therefore always begs the reader to read it again. For that reason it carries the hallmarks of a great poem, Abi.

  4. Swaying with the tide and spiralling in the darkness.. I feel the deep stillness within, which is personified in your words Abi…beautiful

  5. What a beautiful poem, it really captures the spirit of Antarctica – and I think the analogy to being a poet is just perfectly done.

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