Each cobalt morning I awake
yawning the very birth light
of this furious dying star.

The liquid shudders, shakes,
sliding in perpetual circles
revealing a verdant patchwork.

Billowing milky white mountains
scatter giant marbles, rolling across
this bubbling cauldron surface.

colourless noise rises in rings
cluttering a mythical atmosphere
with a dirty laundry of smog.

Gold and barter are swallowed
vacuum packed in a terabyte
red lights glow in standby night.

Toxic plumes form in mushroom clouds
divine obituaries written in invisible ink
quietly the warm ice still drips.

I close my eyelids seeking reprieve
peace from this brash figment of reality
and your smile welcomes me home.

Abi Baker © 09/08/2012


This poem was written in response to a prompt by my lovely friend Shan Ellis for a GRPG (Grass Roots Poetry Group) collaboration, you can see the full posting here: