Butterfly kiss


don’t blink, don’t stop, feeling.


inside, this evanescent touch.


skin tingling, beneath the tips.


lips brush gently, across silk wings.


softly, as you take off, gone, soundlessly.


still fluttering, stroking my soul.

Abi Baker © 18/08/12


23 responses to “Butterfly kiss

  1. “Transient..” sums up life, but evocatively so, Abi. I love the combination of melancholy and joy of the experience. Very touching and moving.

  2. smiles…i love butterflies…and butterfly kisses too…so delicate…and you def dont want to disturb them in fear they may fly away…smiles….

  3. Lovely, Abi! The sentiment and images float across the page, just as those words float between more complete lines. Very sweet, my dear friend. 🙂 ~ j

  4. I really like how you stop and start the flow. Beautiful and very sensual… Lovely poem. I must have my husband read it!

  5. A moment in time … but oh! What a moment! Beautifully crafted poem, Abi, of a fleeting connection that lasts forever ~ absolutely love it 🙂

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