Our third fantastic fun collaboration of poetic minds 🙂

Musings and Smatterings

Prompt really gave us food for poetic thought. Enjoy!

by Jaqueline Dick@Fumanchucat

And who are you,
to condemn me
because I choose not
to reside in your world of reality.

My mystical magic
brings me solace,
beauty –
a world in which only I choose
who or what resides.

It is gossamered,
yet strong;
loving –
and fun.

There are no wars
no bloodshed
no barbs
no jealousies.

Take your reality
and when you tire
I am here
to show you the way.

Make Believe

by Peter Wilkin@PeterWilkin1

It may have been a fluffball
wafted by the draught
from my open window,
or a skittering mouse
fazed by my awakening
but the brand new colouring book
positioned on the chimneypiece
gaudy as splashed paint
convinced me beyond all doubt.
And though my father
could find no trace
of any ethereal creatures
more proof (if proof were needed)

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