When the moment comes again
I will not remember the spaces
words transcending time and distance
a smile that can be felt
deep inside my very essence.
Fleeting doubts sometimes whisper
anxious eyes then crease my brow
they clear quickly as passing clouds
blown away by your consistency
a breath of fresh air to the soul.
Rest now in this heartmade gift.

Abi Baker © 16/08/12


6 responses to “Friendship

  1. There is no more appropriate comment to make on this poem other than, simply, beautiful. Beautiful in its simplicity, beautiful in its genuineness & beautiful in its very creation. I get a strong sense of an I-Thou moment when two people join so deeply in friendly togetherness that nothing else matters … indeed, nothing else exists. And though such moments are inevitably transient, the ‘essence’ from these small spots of time sticks forever. This poem is perfect … it just ‘is’ 🙂

  2. So happy to have read & re-read this poem…..very close to heart. Wonderful verse. Superb!!!!

  3. Beautiful poem – you really have expressed the essence of friendship here – precious moments together when two merge into the One

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