Please take the time to read this poetry collaboration all from a single wonderful prompt.

Musings and Smatterings

One prompt, six poets, lots of fun 😀


Craig Morris

Let dance your inner Morris
Let your hair go wild,
release your inner child
Grab a stick, some bells
and a hankie and panky or two

Step into those rings
And get ready to fling
savagely and untamed
Your great British thing(y)

Flight to Heaven
John Anstie

He spoke at first in some other tongue;
nothing that I’d ever heard before.
He’d carried all his possessions
from the hut where he was born
and laid them on the floor
in front of them;
symbols of his influence
brought to bear on his place
in this society. Possessions that
He’d never take with him
in his flight to heaven.

The next part was a revelation
it started like nothing
out of the ordinary;
like some kind of dumb down
acrobatic exercise
to loosen him
for hunting
for gathering

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