3 Awards in one day (Almost)



Yes you could wonder how and why given how sporadic my postings have been recently! But never the less I am suitably embarrassed and pleased at the same time to be given such honours.

My most grateful thanks go to wonderful and most generous Marina Sofia http://findingtimetowrite.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/how-deserving-am-i-of-awards/ for the Inspiring Blog award.

Also oodles of thanks go to my lovely friend and the extremely talented poet Louise Hastings http://louisehastings.net/2012/05/26/one-lovely-blog-award/ for the One Lovely Blog award.

Finally last but never least my thanks and huge hugs go to my lovely friend and the absurdly multi talented soul that is Marousia http://marousia.wordpress.com/2012/05/28/sunshine-award-out-of-the-blue/ for the Sunshine award.

Now the rules of these awards vary slightly but all ask for you to first thank the person who nominated you.

To share either 7 or 10 things about yourself.

To nominate / pass this award on to between 7 and 15 blogs.

So some things about me:

1, I am the only left handed person in my family

2, I am a Gemini

3, I can’t eat bananas

4, I am addicted to the Internet (probably)

5, But because of it I have met some of the loveliest people in my life, including my husband

6, My paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Rambaud

7, I am owned by an Icelandic horse who makes demands on my time and finances

8, I am in love with poetry among other things and beings

9, I talk WAY too much

10, I fall asleep too much *I am the dormouse*

Finally, I would like to nominate these blogs for the awards bestowed on me:

http://athingforwordsjahesch.wordpress.com/ @JAHesch

http://peterwilkin1.blogspot.co.uk/ @peterwilkin1

http://themindssky.wordpress.com/ @denfemte

http://1emeraldcity.wordpress.com/ @fumanchucat

http://poetjanstie.wordpress.com/ @poetjanstie

http://repressedsoul.wordpress.com/ @Awdures

http://poemblaze.wordpress.com/ @poemblaze

http://benmind.wordpress.com/ @benmind

http://theprimate.wordpress.com/ Brian Carlin

http://eclipsingwinter.com @beth_winter

http://lifethrublueeyes.wordpress.com @diana605

http://inpsychotherapy.org/ @wilsenior

http://thegrassisgreenerontheudderside.blogspot.co.uk/ @grasscraig

http://marousia.wordpress.com/ @marousia

http://louisehastings.net/ @louisejhastings

Now I know that there will be some duplication here but given I am passing on a wonderful bouquet of 3 awards in one go, please accept at least one to pass on, I have also nominated 15 blogs and although I could go on and on listing the wonderful blogs I read, I do need to go make my long suffering poetry widower of a husband a cup of coffee.


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