The Thaw

Trickling slowly like the waterfall

that’s melting in early spring thaw,

wordlessly spoken inside the spaces.

You held me close to your chest,

I felt the even beat of your heart

through the layers of your being.

You heard my tears start to flow,

cupping my face in steady hands

quietly waited and caught them all.


10 responses to “The Thaw

  1. This, this is my favourite of your poems. So intimate and lovely. An opening of your heart for all to see, and the sight is beautiful. 🙂 xo
    ~ j

    • Joe, thank you! Your comment brought back the tears that fell as I wrote this. We all have our burdens to carry, our moments we share, our hearts that sing and sometimes cry out. :’)

  2. A short poem that heralds a massive moment. ‘Being there’ … saying nothing, doing nothing … just being there for an other. You have captured all the empathy & the joining of two people so well, Abi. ‘I felt the even beat of your heart through the layers of your being,’ two lines that surge upwards, releasing the essence of your poem so beautifully. 🙂

    • Peter, what else can I say… if I have managed to capture the empathy of that momentary joining, then it says everything I needed it to say.
      Thanks again 🙂

  3. This short, yet flawless gem of poetry…a moment of compassion caught in a tapestry of words bringing comfort and beauty to all who read it. Thank you for sharing this small piece of poetic joy :))

  4. A beautiful moment of a face gently cradled, to let a waterfall trickle down … that water was all previously contained and frozen. This is true love … when love can be shown when it is most needed. Beautiful poem, Abi. xx

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