How can I fix you?

You with sage beyond my realm, a foreign feeling  –

You who trades words as super glue, bonding thoughts  –

You the listener at the mind’s hearth, catching sparks.


How can I help you?

It’s not my place to walk where angels bury their dead –

It’s not my job to save those who fear the shadow cast –

It’s not my time to calm the quivering of your heartbeat.


How can I show you?

I wish to unveil your mind to this flame deep within –

I feel it burn on purified oil, left from noble desires –

I sense not a passing passion which wilts as it flowers.


How can I be?

If I could cradle you so gently as the child I never had –

If I could banish your bad dreams with a kiss to the forehead –

If I could paint you in my feelings warm as burnished ochre.


Yet your being shines so brightly, it floods my words with smiles.



40 responses to “How

  1. I especially love the first stanza and the conclusion. ‘The listener at the mind’s hearth, catching sparks’ – what a beautiful image!

  2. Very affectionate and poetic. “I sense not a passing passion which wilts as it flowers” – love this perticularly.

  3. The more I read ‘How’, Abi, the more it soaks into my being. I think you’ve crafted this piece so well ~ the format you’ve chosen feels to fit neatly whilst also giving your poem a definite rhythm. There are some lovely lines in it & your final line feels to complement all that has gone before it. And the whole poem fills me with a sense of longing … yet tempered by contentment … quite a paradox … & therein lies the wonderful mystery & intrigue of your poem 🙂

  4. Send me some bubbles, haha! I so get this, wanting to heal the world and thinking that I can change it and the people in her by chucking my size 3 feet into things I have no grasp on sometimes. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing it x

  5. A search through medium of verse….this is wonderful… searches the other at 3 levels, only to return so aptly at self and the end…”Yet your being shines so brightly, it floods my words with smiles”….Please keep that smile going; all the time!!!

  6. love the thoughtfulness and gentleness in this…the questions asked on different levels and then that great, surprising closure…nice

  7. this is really well built around those qeustions and the statements to follow…i feel the care in your heart…and how much they give you as well with that closing line…loved it…

    • Thanks, I think some people in life are ‘fixers’ you see someone in a form of distress and wish to ‘fix it’ even if there is no chance. Thank you again 🙂

  8. your light shines right out through these words… i especially love that last stanza and the closing… beautiful.

  9. Caring, intense, beautiful, Abi…with a sweetness every reader, I think, would like to latch on too. Lovely work. :))

  10. A poem that is very personal and profound. I do like the questions and the very powerful images. I agree with Peter that there is a sense of longing tempered with contentment–a paradox … that this poem essentially accepts, but not without the tears of “what if” …

  11. Very honest write…it gave rise in me a feeling if frustration…frustration around someone who doesn’t see their own strengths, someone who isn’t able to escape the shackles of the past, someone who this poem talks about with great affection….yet they can’t see it. It made me feel sad….I enjoyed it very much (sorry if I’ve totally missed the point!) stu mcp

  12. I found such yearning fighting with acceptance… desire..reaching out, falling back. All those wonderful surge and return movements are beautifully expressed. It’s a very clever piece, expressed with grace, and very moving.

    Thank you.. 🙂

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  14. Super poem, Abi with an even more super closing line; what a wonderful feeling that leaves me with. Can’t add any more than the copious praise you’ve already had above. You or Quirina should post this on the NWCU ‘Wake Up Wednesdays’ event.

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