‘Prism’ takes flight

Today I was given the most wonderful surprise!

I am extremely honoured and delighted to share with you a recording of my very own poem ‘Prism’ https://phoenixofthelinnet.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/prism/

read by my lovely friend from Twitter @wilsenior who has not only recorded it, but created a beautiful video to set his reading into.

So without any further words from me:

I am overwhelmed at such a beautiful creation!

My most humble thanks again to Will 🙂 x


10 responses to “‘Prism’ takes flight

  1. Incredible poem so beautifully recited by Will ~ & such a perfect choice of music & scenery to accompany his reading. Caused me to shiver with emotion as I listened to it ~ wonderful 🙂

    • I feel like Will should be replying to this, however thank you so much for ‘Incredible poem’ 🙂 ~ you were not the only one it made shiver! 🙂

  2. This is thrillingly beautiful…both the poem and the reading… Stunned me into silence and submission before its incredible lovliness. Bravo to you both!

  3. This is delightful, Will. Beautifully read with a great use of mind expanding images, but, above all else, with very well balanced audio; neither voice nor music drown out the other. In my experience of video editing, this it not as easy to achieve as it looks. My hats off to you, mate.

    And, whilst we’re here, Abigail Baker, whilst I’ve already commented on this poem, perhaps this will help you put into a better perspective your place on this earth… as a very fine poet.

  4. This is a very moving poem. I love the way you express how the world “does not arrest our burning flames” and the way it is “sauntering into the seasons”. Will captures your soul’s flight into the sky where it may fly, so well, in the visuals, in the exquisitely well selected piece of music and mostly with the grace of his voice, doing so much justice to such a lovely poem, by a fine poet indeed. Well done to both of you. Q xx

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