The Tea Party (Jacquie’s poem)

There was a buzz in the air of excitement

as she powdered the pot plants in glitter

spreading linen and lace tops onto polish

you could see she was all of a dither.


Then she drew out her finest bone china

poured emerald tea leaves in the strainer,

she giggled with glee at the very thought

of the party she had planned before her.


Garbo sighed with a disdainful resignation

stalking out from the room to her boudoir,

while Lancelot scuttled happily at her heels

then he sneezed setting fire to the curtains.


The guests then arrived in a flurry of kerfuffle

dragons jostling for balance on the balcony.

Madam M graced the room with love hearts

while Sir P poured fresh coffee and walnuts.


Master J sung his greetings in Jamaican verse

as Mistress S plucked the strings on her lyre.

Lady Lou and her Knight danced the fox-trot

and Miss Q teased Lord Grassman to join her.


Lady Fu did declare this party her best ever

while Lancelot snuck fairy cakes in the corner.

Up from the teapot came a quiet rumbling snore

‘Don’t worry’ said Sir P ‘it’s only the Dormouse

she’s so tired I don’t think we can blame her.’


7 responses to “The Tea Party (Jacquie’s poem)

  1. Ha ha! Excellent! Lady Fu will be over the moon with this, Abi ~ & it reminds me so much of @Anuwildantz wonderful photo of us all. Abi? Abi? ABI!? *takes lid off teapot* Ah! There you are … wonderful poem, m’dear! :))

  2. What an interesting collage have you created!!! Delivering not just the scene but aroma as well!!! Marvellous.

  3. Could have sworn I left a comment. #toomuchbubbly….I absolutely am over the moon with this, Abs. Peter is right. Delightful, clever, and I’m honored. I just love this! Thank you so much, dear sweet, Abi : Mwah! and hugsplats!

  4. Lol..lovely poem tribute to Fu on her birthday, Abi ..I rather like that I’m doing the fox trot with my ‘knight’ in this 😉 Hehee… xx

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