The Thread

He dangles mauve enticingly
before her inquisitive eyes
Light flecks dance between white spaces
Flicker in emerald hazel hues.
Enchanted by her sudden smile
She catches his breath in azure
Holding it like a butterfly.
Feeling the pulse in golden strands
Tortoiseshell against skin tone thoughts
He yields before playful release.
She reaches out to touch the thread
Soft patting kitten pawed with claws
still sheathed, to see if it is real.


21 responses to “The Thread

      • Iā€™m definitely following your blog, I stayed here for hours yesterday, love poetry. I’m a rookie at poetry, but trying to write, see where it leads me to. Thanks for following my blog. Congrats on the award.

  1. Wonderful tapestry of colorful words & images. Sensuous and intriguing at the same time. Lovely read.

  2. Elegantly poised and what a piece!
    Melancholy at its most beautiful…pristinely delivered, this is an amazing piece of writing!
    Poppy šŸ™‚

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