Dragon’s tears

She slumbers in calm embryonic bliss
growing curled in the pink passing years

her burning bronze eyes open slowly
a still wet butterfly hanging out to dry.

Raising her fine set of merciless talons
she coldly scrapes away princess trappings

her wings unfurl casting sundown shadows
this indignant outburst of unrest released.

Her savage bite draws the first blood
this game has now forever changed

ignited her flames lick every part inside
these hormones glow as bruised embers.

When she rests the smoke tendrils creep
seducing the thoughts within mind’s sleep

screeching her call echoes through the lunar
inside the darkness she cannot be ignored.

Buried deep under the daylight’s demands
her powerful grip slips as it’s weakened

Then her teardrops shine violet crystalline
for the lost dreams, the unborn potential.


As we dance

Place your hand in my mind
And let me show you how

Close your eyes so softly
Listen to the singing colours

Feel our feet leave the ground
As we dance the aurora borealis

We scanned the dew cut barcodes
On a trillion blades of grass

Tasted the vermillion hour
In glasses formed of sunset cloud

Then touched the velvet softness
Of the first lit new-born stars


Sat impatiently waiting
her pink taffeta puffed
her sparkly shoes scuffed.

Looking outward at the world
inside these golden bubbles
her tiara glints defiantly!

Will she ever let her out
what if someone saw her,
beyond the tinted assumption?

She laughs at the thought
hard earned respect, her prize
sits alien beside her.

She shuffles words gingerly
aware of dynamite force
then bravely marches forward.

And suddenly the cork pops!
champagne drops reflected
in tiers of crystal glasses.


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Not as I imagined
Quietly held like raindrops
Surface tension snapping on impact

I felt the pain
Contained and educated
Holding back the primal rage

I smelt the fear
Seeping from the stance
As you turned your back on time

I tasted the worry
In the blood crimson drops
A fine wine from strong aged oak

I saw the heart
With ashes glowing still
Fragile beneath the mirror surface


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