Velveteen – (Diana’s poem)

Her ink still warm from its last crescendo
she takes out her finest ingredients,
carefully slicing across the black dots
of her ivory sweet dominoes.
Handling the notes with a skillful stroke
she releases the music within.
The sixes are folded with the treble clef
but retaining the quavers for whipping,
with joyful and blithe abandon.
She has captured the colours already
in an image stolen from yesterday.
Out from the mind’s furnace comes the aroma
her job is almost complete.
All she needs is the songbird to read
her, tasting her soul in the velveteen words.


5 responses to “Velveteen – (Diana’s poem)

  1. Thank you so much Abi, this was such a lovely surprise. Your whole poem has a warm, lush feel to it and I particularly love the last two lines. I’m honored that you took three little facts about me and wove them into such beauty. xx

    • Thank you, glad you like it.

      I just needed a little bit more information to add to your photography, poetry, and obvious love of music.

      I hope it meets with Josh’s high expectations! 🙂

  2. This a lovely poem, Abi, & really cleverly put together. It paints the most beautiful picture of Diana (quite rightly, of course) &, somehow, connects the two of you in a wonderfully warm way. 🙂

  3. This is wonderful work. The tempo that you set from 1st line, tightly grips till end. This is no mean an achievement!! Sometime an inspiration drives us on to put forth such forceful expression. The last two lines “All she needs is the songbird to read her/ tasting her soul in the velveteen words.” are crowning glory of this beautiful verse. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this one.

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