Autumn Sun

These paper thin rays
are failing to warm
your liver spotted leaves,
this jaundice vista is blemished
as bruised crab apples darken.
The bleeding acer’s ribs are
now showing, above the drenched pool.
Your cool breeze is labouring,
Not long now.
I grasp this moment of clarity
amid your clouds of grey confusion.
I sit, as you lay out before me,
watching your pale mellow close
into pink smudges of goodbye.


Entered for OpenLinkNight on on 15/11/11


18 responses to “Autumn Sun

  1. It makes autumn seem like such a sad season, but I suppose we need to experience bare trees and cold air, rotting leaves and fruit, and death so that we can appreciate fresh green foliage, warm air, blue skies, blossoms budding, fruit ripening, birth and life in spring time and then it is so absolutely exquisite. Lovely poem, Abigail. Q x

  2. Very colorful imagery with ominous hint of Autumn’s end!! Guess life is but a circle. Nice read indeed.

  3. Lovely poem Abi ~ I could see the sun going down as I read each line. Quite a poignant read for me right now, too ~ very beautifully done 🙂

  4. This is a lovely piece of work, Abi. I feel the death of autumn in the liver spotted leaves, for example. Can almost feel frost waiting in the wings with its whiteness and chill. Beautifully crafted…love your color imagry.

    • Also feeling odd shivers in this vein. The pink at the end has so sinister a feeling, as though it is sitting there seemingly prettily, waiting to be unhinged, undone, turned into blood foam or such. Eeeee.

  5. oh, this is felt…it takes me back to watching my mother in law pass away…she held on far too long…giving her persmision to leave was hard…you put me right in that moment…

  6. Descriptions that resonate, painting a world not merely transitioning, but sick, fading into the grasp of winter’s deathly grip. Nicely writ.

  7. The connection with sun set in long winter evening… and the passing of a person loved… is set in beautiful depths. I could relate to the imagery of loss and feelings of helplessness totally… Thanks for sharing… I liked your words…
    ‘I grasp this moment of clarity
    amid your clouds of grey confusion.’

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  8. Fantastic write! Not only have you captured the beauty of the season, but also the underlying heaviness and dread of a coming winter. Wonderful weave!

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