Crystal Space

Black as the onyx night
silhouettes gilded silver
touched by moonstone’s brush.
Silence undisturbed by obsidian
snowflakes falling,
watching through cat’s eyes
mystic movement caught
among the amethyst shadows.
Shapes appear through
smoky quartz rose beds,
Sliding in serpentine lines.
A bloodstone flash,
amber eye fierce
as any tiger’s glare.
Shining polished chrome
outlines coral coils,
stars light sunstone revelation.
Lit in sudden beam of tourmaline,
he turns lashing verdite tail
gone, leaving ruby vapour trail.
Hidden in peridot indignation
this cornelian dragon rests,
feeling safe in this crystal Space.

(This poem was written to celebrate the opening of ‘Crystal Space’, Ally Wilkin’s new shop. After seeing photos of some of the gorgeous different types of crystals via Peter Wilkin’s – @peterwilkin1 – tweets, watching the creation of the shop progressing, my love of such beautiful words grabbed me, this is the result. You can now follow the progress of  ‘Crystal Space’ by Ally’s dedicated blog:  )

(Entered for OpenLinkNight @dVersePoets  on 13/12/2011)


14 responses to “Crystal Space

  1. wow, nice poem… a lot of good stuff: the abstract feel makes a cool adventure as you read through… much going on, but still very connected. great imagery

  2. Lovely. The adjectival crystal monikers bring such beauty and interest to the Narrative, especially the less common ones. No idea why you’re hesitant to post on the crit group… :))

  3. The colors here are so graphic, so real, and truly beautiful. Ally and Peter must love this tribute to Crystal Space. And o, that dragon! Great job. :))

  4. Rich in colour and texture, this piece rolls down the page, catching the light and enticing. Love how you’ve made each stone a different reference point. Beauty.

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