Best Friend

Diving after her I reach down to grasp her rapidly sinking hair
the swirling blackness surrounds us in a suffocating silence.

Yet still I can hear her scream ringing in my ears
and feel her anxious tears still wet on my shirt.

I push harder trying to catch her quickly,
calling for her to open her eyes, to see reality, to see me.

To acknowledge my amazing love, to feel the warmth
I still have in this beating heart, to know that I will never leave.

Begging her to believe her friend cares not though pity
I see her hand lifted, I grab it with all my being.

Rising up I feel the breath released, tension melting,
cheeks almost dry, I smile knowing she heard

And stay looking in the mirror till she smiles and walks away.


9 responses to “Best Friend

  1. O, Abi, this is aces! You seem to be taking a new tack now…the surprise ending…but done so very well. “calling for her to open her eyes, to see me, to see reality” yes, you are your own best friend..truly a beautiful piece! The end is priceless.:)) Another high five!

  2. Yes, as Jacquie says you are experimenting with new styles of poetry ~ & I like this poem too: well worked out & a lovely ending that brings it all together :))

    • Thanks for commenting Peter ๐Ÿ™‚ The poems pick their own style, might sound a little crazy but its true.
      The ending is more lovely than you can possibly imagine.

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