Crystal Space

Black as the onyx night
silhouettes gilded silver
touched by moonstone’s brush.
Silence undisturbed by obsidian
snowflakes falling,
watching through cat’s eyes
mystic movement caught
among the amethyst shadows.
Shapes appear through
smoky quartz rose beds,
Sliding in serpentine lines.
A bloodstone flash,
amber eye fierce
as any tiger’s glare.
Shining polished chrome
outlines coral coils,
stars light sunstone revelation.
Lit in sudden beam of tourmaline,
he turns lashing verdite tail
gone, leaving ruby vapour trail.
Hidden in peridot indignation
this cornelian dragon rests,
feeling safe in this crystal Space.

(This poem was written to celebrate the opening of ‘Crystal Space’, Ally Wilkin’s new shop. After seeing photos of some of the gorgeous different types of crystals via Peter Wilkin’s – @peterwilkin1 – tweets, watching the creation of the shop progressing, my love of such beautiful words grabbed me, this is the result. You can now follow the progress of  ‘Crystal Space’ by Ally’s dedicated blog:  )

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October (Failand)

Ice fingers crept up closed window,
engine running, still warm inside.
Momentum slowing, inertia stalled,
pausing before him. Black gloved
insistence, no through way today.
Twilight decorated for Christmas,
flashing blue lights against frozen grey.
Utter contradiction, traditional feeling,
warped to fearful sadness, forgetting
for a moment the snowballs and crackers.
So quickly clock hands spin, held
in time’s grasp, these seasons slipping past.
As winter waits at the door watching
autumn’s debut dance, those who
cannot forget await wheel of law
delivery of hollow justice.
Leaves start drifting down
at the cooling breeze insistence
all is quiet here, except memories.

(I don’t normally put explanations of poems, but this poem is based on a narrative of my Christmas day 2010, and I dedicate it to the memory of Joanna Yeates)

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Best Friend

Diving after her I reach down to grasp her rapidly sinking hair
the swirling blackness surrounds us in a suffocating silence.

Yet still I can hear her scream ringing in my ears
and feel her anxious tears still wet on my shirt.

I push harder trying to catch her quickly,
calling for her to open her eyes, to see reality, to see me.

To acknowledge my amazing love, to feel the warmth
I still have in this beating heart, to know that I will never leave.

Begging her to believe her friend cares not though pity
I see her hand lifted, I grab it with all my being.

Rising up I feel the breath released, tension melting,
cheeks almost dry, I smile knowing she heard

And stay looking in the mirror till she smiles and walks away.

Red Planet

Sunrise, leaching puccoon afterglow
dust swirls in eternal eddies
echoing emptiness.
Bleached bare russet rocks
concealing lack of warmth.
Jagged panorama unfolds,
the planet tilts – again.
Parched beyond water
arid memory preserved
silicon grains pulverized existence.
Continental cyclones span stratosphere,
gravity clings feeble aged hand.
Barren landscape bruised
without artist to appreciate.
Weary light fails canyon depths
perpetual darkness remains.
Scorched soil drifts purposeless
powdering skeleton at rest,
leviathan of ancient legend.
Cold claret rays brush rusted carcass
soulless breeze lifts dirt laden skirt
lettering long forgotten
‘made in China’ it read.