Seagulls are such thugs,
barging in like a white crowd
of neanderthal football hooligans.

Sabotaging the ducks hopes
and terrorizing little terns
in the pursuit of bread crusts.

Landing on the executive class
Mercedes roofs, scratching paintwork
and leaving telltale calling cards.

Maybe we should shoot them
cull the arrogant abusive pests?
Or… start with gambling bankers instead?


17 responses to “Seagulls

  1. haha you are a riot…i think yes lets start with the bankers…now BOA is charging an debit fee to use my own money…ugh!

  2. Hah!
    This reminds me… my daughter lives in Brighton, England, a block from the shore. She calls seagulls “the rats of the beach.”
    Rats… bankers… seagulls…

  3. ……and the politicians too….. always leaving their little telltale signs behind, fingerprints on our wallets…….. or the oil execs……. thinking themselves Rockefellers but nothing more than robber barons…… And what’s with the price of Diet Coke going up 60 cents a case? Shoot the b____ds, I say! LOL! Lovely poem Abigail, really enjoyed it….. a lot of fun!

  4. Welcome to Potterville Planet! Have you noticed how much time seagulls spend scavaging in landfills? They do in my area, anyhow. Then the flocks fly back to sit on the beach and face west at sunset. Are there junk bonds and worthless derivatives in landfills? Is the whole world in the red at sundown?

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