The Ship

Beneath purple painted clouds
grazing the honeyed backlit sky
a single ship on the horizon
atop gently shifting waters
stained with creeping iridescence,
a proud beacon silhouetted in the moment
witnessing beauty’s golden kiss stolen
from her dying daylight breath.
Behind the curtains, twilight
waiting with all smothering embrace
welcoming a dark velvet widow,
the star spun bejewelled night.

6 responses to “The Ship

  1. What a lovely poem. Gosh what super colourful language you have used to describe what thus turns out to be a lot more than just the dying of the day…

  2. Hello Abigail,
    you painted a peaceful and little melancholic picture and you take me right there to the shore : )
    Hope everything’s fine with you.

  3. Abi, thank you. I read this one through right away without any hesitations. I think the flow is much better with punctuation. Some of the bits I had trouble with before are very clear now. Superb!

    • Adam,

      Thanks for your lovely comment, I am glad you like the revision.

      I am in the process of revising some my poems, which will then be posted here. I am still learning (aren’t we all) and I have had some great help from my ‘mentor’ If you come back in the future there should be further poems to come.

      Thanks Abi

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