Admiration sweeps in deceptively,
a tidal wave crashing down,
tearing this delicate scab
of confidence in words.

Thoughts jumbled, left in disarray;
the entrails of creation spilt
across imagination’s page
blocking the way forward.

I look for my horizon light
but its gone, as if snuffed out
by this momentary crisis,
drowned by tears yet to form.

Yet when my thoughts finally slow
darkness gives way to silver grey,
blind panic dulls to ache.
I wait for the lesson to take hold.

What possible superlative compliment
could such a wretched mind narrate?
To fall back on old favourites?
Stay running in the same rut?

No longer, please forgive my silence,
I rebuke these insidious emotions!
Growing stronger from each fall
I rise to stand in the surf
and face you, smiling.


The Ship

Beneath purple painted clouds
grazing the honeyed backlit sky
a single ship on the horizon
atop gently shifting waters
stained with creeping iridescence,
a proud beacon silhouetted in the moment
witnessing beauty’s golden kiss stolen
from her dying daylight breath.
Behind the curtains, twilight
waiting with all smothering embrace
welcoming a dark velvet widow,
the star spun bejewelled night.